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Back and Certainly With A Freshness!

April 11, 2011

Wow. It has been a long but amazing two weeks! Kind of feels like we have been gone for a month. We spent the first week of our break in Nashville enjoying time with friends and family. It was kind of crazy because we spent the night at 5 different houses in 8 days. The boys did a great job at adapting. I got to go to some shows, eat at my favorite restaurant TWICE (blog about it to come), enjoy lots of awesome conversations with friends,  my dad bought me a bike, and I got to meet Mike from American Pickers! Pretty amazing week.

Then it was off to Colorado on our Amazing Race. Let me just say again that my husband is truly the best. THE BEST! He spoiled me rotten. There were 12 clues total. The first three I received in December. The remaining 9 were spread throughout the whole week. So much fun. I think James will be putting together some video from it in the next few weeks so I won’t write a whole lot about it for now. The first few days were spent in Winter Park, Colorado which is gorgeous! James got us a really awesome room at a place called the Viking Lodge. When we checked in we got upgraded just because the lady behind the counter wanted to! Our room had high ceilings and a loft with twin beds. The lodge had an outdoor hot tub which was perfect after snow boarding. It was also right across the street from cute shops and restaurants. We definitely did some god eating. I can not think of a time in my life when I went out to eat for every single meal for a whole week. Kind of crazy, but a lot of fun! We spent all day Wednesday in Denver eating at yummy restaurants and going thrift store hopping. James and I had so much fun thrifting that we came home with one more carry-on than we came with. We scored some awesome stuff. On Thursday we went to Colorado Springs where we attended a chiropractic seminar with some of the most amazing people on earth. It was incredible and to top it off my best friend who happens to work for a chiropractor in TN was there too. On Friday morning we hiked the Manitou Incline. It was a bit challenging because of the altitude, but SO MUCH FUN! Here are a few pics from our trip. I may post more later.

I must say though, that my favorite pictures of the whole week were the ones that my mom, dad, and brother sent me of Tiago and Jude. By the end of the week I was texting them to send me pics every hour or so just so I could see the boys’ faces. Here are my two favorites from the whole week.

Now, that I am back I am pumped and motivated for this quarter of school and this season of life! Many more posts to come.

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  1. April 11, 2011 9:27 pm

    Sounds like a wonderful time. Good for you! Everybody needs to recharge the batteries now and again.

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