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Uncommon Effort = Uncommon Results

June 2, 2011

I have adopted this as my new motto. It is true in any area of life.

Want to be an extraordinary mom? Put in uncommon effort.

Want to be set apart as a student? Uncommon effort required.

Star athlete? Uncommon effort.

Business man who gets promoted? Uncommon effort.

I have been hearing this phrase a lot lately because it is one that my chiropractor, Dr. Fred Roberto uses quite often. He has a new workout DVD called Max T-3 that I do often. Also, a couple days a week I go and let him torture me in person. He allows his patients to come and work out with his staff every day of the week. This man works with world class and olympic athletes and lets us come work out with him. Pretty cool.  On Tuesdays we go to this crazy warehouse that has all types of exercise toys. I honestly feel like the Max T-3 videos along with letting Dr.Fred kick my butt on these days has been what pushed me over the top in training for my first triathlon. No it is not swimming biking, or running, but it gives me an edge in all three. Yesterday I swam and then went to the warehouse for a workout. Today I went and worked out with his staff at their office (more on that in a minute) and then did a 2 mile run later tonight.

The concept of the videos is to get a maximum workout in just 12 minutes or less. By going all out and using 90-100% of your maximum effort your body is getting an amazing workout in no time. It is all about practical fitness. Working out 3 hours a day in order to get biceps the size of Texas is really not the goal if true “health” is what you are going for. You want your body to be able to do the things it needs to do everyday and efficiently. Athletes obviously have more specific goals but no matter what sport you are involved in this type of training will come in handy. It really gets your metabollic system going in a way that no other program does and causes your body to burn fat loooong after your exercise is over for the day. It not only challenges your body, but your mind as well.

Today my mind needed some challenging. We had already done a 12 minute upper body Max-T3 workout. I am telling you, these things wear you out! Then we followed it up with what Dr. Fred calls a 6 minute 6-pack. This is a series of 12 core exercises that you do for 30 seconds each. Sounds easy, but it is HARD! So then I thought we were done. WRONG. Dr. Fred then says, “Oh wait, it is Wednesday. Time to do 100 burpees. Outisde.” Outside? It is 7984798573295 degrees out there. But outside he went. I really thought the man was joking. I was thinking I might be able to do 10 burpees. So we began, and by about 20 I figured I would let 50 be my 100. I really thought I might not make it. Every 15 or so I would have to stand there and catch my breath and try not to fall over. I made it to 50 and figured, 1 more and I am over halfway and then I might as well just go all the way. By 70 Dr. Fred was done with all of his and walking around to encourage and motivate the rest of us. He said to me “uncommon effort for uncommon results”. I have heard him say it before but for some reason, when he said it today it was exactly what I needed to hear. I felt like I might vomit. It was hotter than hell out there, my body hurt and did not want to go on, and falling over seemed likely. But when he said that phrase today all I could think about was what my uncommon result would be. I want to smash some of my times on my next triathlon. I am not going to get there by just doing some workouts, a few runs, swims, and rides. I am only going to get uncommon results if I get out there, work through the pain, challenge myself, let others challenge me, and work my little tushy off. I will tell you what, I am pumped. Today was a great training day for me. Another thing that Dr. Fred says is “Get your mind right”. I feel like I took a big step in that direction today.

What do uncommon results look like for you? Put yourself there, in the future. What does it feel like to accomplish even more than you imagined? What does it smell like, taste like, look like to know you can achieve it???

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  1. Natalie permalink
    June 2, 2011 2:54 am

    Love this Post! We did 100 burpees in boot camp one day and I thought i was going to die but it felt great later! I love the phrase uncommon for our lives. Thanks for the challenge!

  2. Brandi permalink
    June 2, 2011 3:25 am

    Hey, can we buy the Max T3 dvd- at a good price?

  3. June 2, 2011 7:51 am

    Abby–seriously awesome post. What comes to my mind is the Maximized Living seminar I went to with Exodus. I woke up early for surge training the first morning with all the chiros & students. Just when I thought I was about to die, Ben Lerner shouted “Strong Minds!” It was only 2 words, but it really kept me going. I have to remind myself to have a strong mind and push through to get my uncommon results 😉

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