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Transition Time

July 11, 2011

This week is a week of new beginnings. James and I packed up our 2 bedroom apartment and moved to a 3 bedroom just a few miles away. The best bonus of our new location is that it is less than a mile from Whole Foods! Moving has made me sooo tired. School starts tomorrow so James and I have been frantically trying to bring loads from the old apartment to the new apartment and unpack things so that we can get as much done before homework becomes a distraction. The hardest part has been doing it all with two energetic toddlers playing at our feet. Tonight for dinner I made another yummy casserole that I will try and blog sometime this week.

Wanna see some pics from the moving process? I thought so.

Praise the Lord for amazing friends who volunteered time to help us move.

Tiago helping our friend Josh build his crib.

How many men does it take to build a crib?

Jude gave Mike a hand putting out dining table together.Today we welcomed our first special guest on her way back to Nashville. Tiago needed a bit of help getting his boogie on, so we encourage him with some moves of our own. Naturally.




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