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My Grown Up Birthday/Christmas List

December 17, 2011

No I am not writing a post about how much I loved to hear Amy Grant sing “Grown Up Christmas List” every year at her Christmas concert growing up although I am Amy G’s biggest fan. Duh. This may be one of the seemingly cheesiest posts I have ever written, but I hope that you can see where it is coming from which is some place deep down inside of me.

Christmas music at its finest!

Okay but seriously, this year for my birthday I got to thinking about what I wanted. “what do I want?, what do I REALLY REALLY WANT?” Well, of course there was the obvious material things that I wanted:

* Lululemon gift cards and apparel (duh)

* Bare Escentuals giftscards my new obsession because our roomie got me hooked on their amazing mineral make-up

* Gift cards to restaurants (if you only knew how bad my obsession with food was

* a new pair of Toms ….which I am pretty sure are wrapped and under the tree thanks to my awesome hubbo wink wink

My birthday was December 3rd and I was beyond blessed with love, kind words, gifts (my #1 love language), food (my #2 love language), fun time, laughter, and just soo many good things. I mean, it was such a great day. I truly have amazing people in my life.

Now, switching gears a bit I began thinking about all of the people that have been in my life this past year and some of the conversations I was blessed to have. At that point I came up with a new list of what I wanted:

*Please don’t read this the wrong way because these things are all for me as well, there are just some patterns I have been noticing which caused me to realize how important having amazing friends is.

* I want my friends and colleagues to see all of their potential

* I want them to walk in confidence, knowing who they are and that they are a BIG DEAL ( you reading this right now are a BIG DEAL)

* I want people to begin to choose to surround themselves with the right people and relationships. I want them to distance themselves from negative people, and people who just drag them down.

* I want them to stop selling themselves short

* Stop dreaming too small

* Start filling their minds with positive thoughts and words

* Start going after BIIIIIG things

* Start asking for help when needed

* and sooo much more that has been going through my mind

Wow, as I write this my heart is just being overwhelmed with excitement about the things that God is up to. I have recently seen some people in my life begin to even just start to see some of the amazing potential they have in them and how their countenance has changed. They walk taller, smile more often, say things I have never heard them say. And I benefit from all of this. When others around you begin to line themselves up with the awesome and amazing truths of the Father they begin to challenge and push me/you to do the same. I need this. People, I need you to be your best you so you can help me be my best you. I mean, I get it this sounds sooo crazy, silly, girly, mushy, etc but if you could just see what I am dreaming you would be super excited too! Lets do it people.

what would be on your grown up Christmas list? ….no more lives torn apart? that wars would never start? Okay, but seriously.

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  1. Josh permalink
    December 17, 2011 2:17 pm

    Hello I’m Josh and i’m kind of a big deal. 😉 hahaha this was really good!! thanks for sharing!

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