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Who Even Cares About You?

December 20, 2011

Does anyone care about you? Like truly care? I ask because I have spoken with a lot of hurting and broken people lately. Some of them outright tell me that they are struggling with self-esteem, productivity, and wondering if anyone cares about them. Some of them try to pretend like everything is okay but let me give you a little hint about hanging out with me….I CAN USUALLY SEE THROUGH IT.  Now, some people even pay me to in essence care about them through life coaching. The crazy thing is that I would care no matter what, but when they pay money for it out of their own pocket they tend to be more prone to actually make life altering changes, but that is not why I am writing this post.

I am writing this almost as a continuation of my previous post. If you didn’t catch my drift the first time around I need you to know that the Lord has been stirring my heart filling me with joy, peace, excitement, and all kinds of other happy words as he has begun to show me some of the potential in the people around me. There is nothing I love more than seeing someone dream big, go after it, and then begin to dream even BIGGER. But I am beginning to see a pretty crucial pattern.

In order to actually have any type of success in going after these awesome dreams you HAVE to HAVE to HAVE to choose to surround yourself with the right people. Think about it, do you have some habits or tendencies that might contribute to you not always shining or getting the things that you want to get done done? Let me suggest something possibly offensive….If that is the case, then the people around you do not care about you. Why the HELL would they know you and not want to see you live up to your potential? Cause let me tell you something, we’ve all got more in us and I want someone to pull it out of me even if it means an uncomfortable conversation or two of them saying, “get off your ass and start pouring into all of the things you were meant to”. And if you are of the non-profanity speaking crowd you might need someone to tell you, “Seriously, dude (or dudette) pull yourself together, let’s work through your “stuff” and do all that it takes to get you ready to conquer your dreams”!

How do we do this? Seek out the people that are kicking butt at what they do and ask them for help. If I am in a room with tons of people I always find myself gravitating towards the people that I know are doing big things, or possibly doing smaller scale things but with lots of success and most importantly a positive attitude. The people who have a stinky attitude about all that they are doing in their life are the ones I would get as far away from as possible. Obviously they need love and a revelation about their own potential, but if you are not in the place to be that for them then walk away and find someone to help you get there yourself.

Go out of your way to spend time with people who will challenge you, push you, love you, encourage you, and listen to you. If you truly can’t think of anyone in your life who would be that to you then you need to pay someone to do it. Yeah, I know that is a weird concept, but find a life coach or someone that is going to help you become your best. It is worth it and as you work on stuff with them people will begin to see your transformation and friends will not be a problem.

Exercise: Make a list of people in your life who you think truly care about you. Be completely exhaustive. Think of everyone. Now narrow it down to the ones that you admire for what they are doing and accomplishing. Now find things in your week that take up your time and trade them out for contact with those people.

Example: Do you go get coffee every week with some friends or family who only talk negatively about everything? Instead contact one of the people on your list and set up a skype date if they don’t live close by. It is important, and if they are truly a quality person who qualifies to be on your list then they will probably go out of their way to find time to pour into you. IT IS WORTH IT!

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  1. December 20, 2011 9:08 pm

    I got so excited reading this! Thanks for the inspiration.
    I would ask for a Skype date with you, but I get to see you on Thursday!! I give you permission to kick my butt, ask hard questions, and push me 😉

  2. nico staples permalink
    December 20, 2011 9:23 pm

    This is amazing, I am happy to know you and call you a friend!

  3. December 20, 2011 9:58 pm

    So good Abby. you are a butt kicker that’s for sure. 🙂 thanks for being awesome. and caring and listening. and just plain out being a baller.

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